Learn to pair any font in 15 minutes!

Welcome to my concise, no fluff class on the art of font pairing! In the broad world of design, there are a few things that are truly universal. One of those things is conveying information with text. And even before information is conveyed with body text, we often look at display text to get a feel for what we’re about to read or watch. 

With that said, it’s important to understand how we can convey that information in a way that is appropriate, easy to understand, and aesthetically sound. The purpose of this class will be to cover all three of those necessities so that everyone can have a better understanding of how font pairing works. 

This class will teach you how to pair any font, no matter what you're designing! You'll also receive my Font Pairing Cheat Sheet, as well as my list of Free Fonts Online.

Course Testimonials

“I got some memorable ideas to apply to my design work. This short course was well worth the time to review it carefully several times.”

Gini H.

“I like how this class doesn't have unnecessary information, it's quick to the point which I appreciate.”

Sarah S.

“It was a short course, but I really enjoyed it!! The instructor did an excellent job of explaining things, and he should be commended for that!!”

Jay A.

“A great start for any new designer looking to understand the basics of font pairing.”

Robert B.

“A Crash course that you'd keep coming home to. A must-watch for anyone who's interested in taking their designing skills up a notch.”

Kalyani T.

“Typoghraphy was a bit of a mystery for me, but your short class was very clear and helpful. Thank you for sharing this!”

Hilde R.

Topics of this Course

This class is going to cover a variety of topics around fonts and typography, including the following:

  • Rules of Font Pairing

  • Type Anatomy

  • Styles of Fonts

  • Real World Examples of Font Pairing

Course curriculum

  • 01

    Lesson 1: Introduction

  • 02

    Lesson 2: Type Classifications

    • Episode 2 - Type Classifications

  • 03

    Lesson 3: Purpose

    • Episode 3 - Purpose

  • 04

    Lesson 4: Contrast

    • Episode 4 - Contrast

  • 05

    Lesson 5: Families

    • Episode 5 - Families

  • 06

    Lesson 6: Serif

    • Episode 6 - Serif

  • 07

    Lesson 7: Sans-Serif

    • Lesson 7 - Sans-Serif

  • 08

    Lesson 8: Slab Serif

    • Episode 8 - Slab Serif

  • 09

    Lesson 9: Script

    • Episode 9 - Script

  • 10

    Course Assignment & Resources

    • Episode 10 - Assignment

    • Project Submission

    • Course Banner .PSD File

    • RESOURCE: Downloadable Font Pairing Cheet Sheet

    • RESOURCE: Where to find free fonts online!